Amy Louise Nettleton’s instinctive understanding of process, surface and minimalism results in beautifully crafted two and three-dimensional works, which explore often challenging themes surrounding the failure of the human condition.  These recurring themes of fragility, the ephemeral, life/death and potential, attempt to confront the viewer in the subtlest of ways.

She works on the edge of a complex interplay between aesthetic, materiality and concept.  Her titles develop as a process during her research and often are decided on before the initial idea is fully conceived.

Inspired by artists as wide ranging as Cy Twombly (b.1928, d. 2011), Dieter Roth (b.1930, d. 1998) and Steve Bishop (b. 1983); the artist draws the majority of her ideas from personal experiences of loss, but is careful to explore universal issues ensuring the work is not closed to the audience. Memento Mori, a Latin phrase meaning ‘remember we must die’, is also prominent throughout her practice resulting in what could be described as a constellation of works, each complimenting but challenging the concepts and imagery of the next. 

Amy graduated with a Masters Degree in Fine Art specialising in Sculpture at Norwich University of the Arts. (2012/13), she is now based at her studio in Needham Market, Suffolk. Aside from her professional art practice she has a portfolio of freelance jobs in Arts Outreach and Education working with venues such as Smiths Row, University of Essex, The New Wolsey and The Mix. 


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